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Discussion on: Sorting the tools

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Devin Goble

Also, it's no good if you use the tool in such a way that mandates that the same tool be used later on. Keep everything open, and think of those who come after you. That includes thinking of what your future self will have available. Maybe a month later you change you mind about what tools you use, and when you come to that old project later one you are locked in to that old tool that you don't even know how to install any more.

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Arlene Andrews Author

Exactly. Tools, what they do, the equipment they run on, and how to make sure they give us the correct answers change often.
I remember the thrill of getting a half-gig drive: and thinking no one would ever be able to fill it. I still think of that, and laugh now at the size and complexity of the programs we use today.

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