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Discussion on: Is Docker the New Git?

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Finnian Anderson

I think there are some really powerful benefits, such as portability. You can mirror your production env with all the services you need in containers, without any of the strings attached. Since nothing is polluted to your physical machine, it stays lean. The ability to package code and share it with coworkers is extremely useful since you can ensure you're all running precisely the same setup, avoiding lots of compatibility problems.

Security scanning is coming very soon, not just scanning the dependencies of your code but going more in-depth with the OS it's running in, any other services you rely on (think DBs, caches, web servers etc), and tracking security issues upstream. GitHub has started doing this for Ruby and JS, I think Docker can do this for containers, NPM is now doing it for packages, it just all needs tying together. This is something I'm really excited to see more of in the future - end-to-end security scanning. Right from down at the kernel up to your application layer.

I also find it really useful for testing apps against different versions of services and dependencies - just update what you need to, run your test suite and see if it works. Considering upgrading something? Upgrade, run tests, evaluate time needed to fix. Of course, that relies on a comprehensive test suite, but then again, you should already have that 😉