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Hey Jeremy.

Amazing article, I was looking for something earlier on my lunch break!

I want to build a sort of internal knowledge base for my workplace, and I was thinking about using Hugo.

What CMS would you suggest to use with Hugo to allow non-tech people to add articles to the knowledge base?


Thanks! Unfortunately I haven't looked into it from a CMS perspective so I don't have a suggestion there. I'll keep an eye out and let you know!


Amazing :)
My plan is a small project for work - I work in the recruitment space (don't hate me) whilst I'm studying my degree. There's a lot of "how-to" documents on our company drive and I want to convert all of those to readily available articles on a website. Kind of like a wiki but I want to build it all myself. I was drawn to Hugo as I have an active interest in Go and I don't care for React.
I'm looking forward to getting started, I'm just trying to put it all together on paper first!

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