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The best VS Code extensions / do app store rules matter?

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Dev resources & articles

Web History. Jay Hoffmann has been writing up the history of the web. This is a great read if you are feel nostalgic. [CSS-TRICKS]

The best VS Code extensions to supercharge Git (yes, there’s more than GitLens!). These amazing extensions not only make working with Git easier but also extend Git with cool new features and superpowers! [JSWIFT]

A fully featured React components and hooks library. Build fully functional accessible web applications with ease – Mantine includes more than 100 customizable components and hooks to cover you in any situation. [MANTIME]

Effective titles and more. This is not an SEO guide on how to write effective titles or (maybe I should say) how to create clickbait. No. We are going to talk about the technicals. [TOMEKDEV]

Serverless databases for your mobile or web app. If you are in need of a database for your mobile or web app, the good news is that there are plenty of good options. [ALANBIRD.MEDIUM]

Do app store rules matter? We’ve been arguing about Apple’s app store rules for a decade now, but whatever your opinion of them, it should now be clear that something is going to change. [BEN-EVANS]

Here’s how Android apps on Windows 11 are going to work. Will these apps use emulation? Will Windows' existing Linux support be involved? Ars Technica got the answers. [ARSTECHNICA]

How Discord achieves native iOS performance with React Native. Early on at Discord, they adopted React Native as soon as it was open sourced to build their iOS app from the core of our React app. [BLOG.DISCORD]

I made my first mobile game and here is what I've learned. Why did this game take three years? Egor Pavlikhin looks back and answers the question: "What did we learn today?". [PAVLIKHIN]

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) – 15 years and still queueing! In this post, AWS Heroes reflect on the success of SQS and share some of their success stories. Some good tips in there. [AWS.AMAZON]

npm audit: broken by design. Dan Abramov outlines how it works, why it’s broken, and what changes he's hoping to see. [OVERREACTED]

A tool for writing better scripts. The zx package provides useful wrappers around child_process, escapes arguments and gives sensible defaults. [GITHUB]

Microsoft’s practical approach to Kubernetes management. When it comes to cloud native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, microservices, serverless functions and API-centric design, Microsoft is taking a practical approach — leading with Azure and allowing customers to have their own way. [THENEWSTACK]

A layman's guide to machine learning, AI and deep learning. Sri Varsha gives you an insight into the wonderful world of AI in layman terms. [DEVTO]

This dev created 500+ dev questions and launched a quiz platform. There are over 500 questions in 20 categories for you to test your knowledge. [DEVTO]

Top 30+ DevOps interview questions. This blog encompasses 30 most common DevOps interview questions and answers that can improve your chances of impressing interviewers. [DZONE]

8 data structures every Python programmer should know. Knowing which data structure best fits the current solution will increase program performance and reduce the time required to make it. [PYTHON.PLAINENGLISH]

How to be an effective engineering manager by investing in the right tools. Outstanding leaders demonstrate their ability to leverage capital efficiently to get work done. This article explains how you can do it too. [DZONE]

Industry News

Android apps will soon be required to adopt Android App Bundles. Starting August 2021, Google Play will require all new apps to be submitted as Android App Bundles (AAB), which provide greater efficiency that APKs, says Google. It is important to notice that AAB will only be used by developers to submit apps to the store, while APK will remain the format used to distribute apps to users' devices. Only, they will receive tailored and optimized APKs. [INFOQ]

Brian Bowman: Apple’s IDFA change has triggered 15% to 20% revenue drops for iOS developers. Starting in April, Apple began releasing iOS 14.5, which prompted users to answer whether they would allow their data to be tracked for advertising purposes. Apple believes this puts privacy front and center. But Consumer Acquisition and many of its game developer advertisers worry it will break personalized advertising. [VENTUREBEAT]

Android 12 Beta 3 and final APIs . Along with updates like scrolling screenshots, privacy indicator APIs, and enhanced auto-rotate, Beta 3 also includes the final Android 12 APIs and the official SDK. WIth these, you can start testing and updating your app ahead of Platform Stability, coming up next at Beta 4. [THENEXTWEB]

Go 1.17 Release Candidate 1 is released. Features include lazy module loading, module authors can now deprecate a module by adding comments, a new way of passing function arguments and results using registers, and more. [GROUPS.GOOGLE]

Google to bring https-first mode to Chrome browser. Google has confirmed plans to add HTTPS-First Mode to its Chrome browser starting in version M94 and is re-examining the lock icon that browsers usually show when a website loads over HTTPS. [DARKREADING]

MongoDB 5.0 adds new future-proofing capabilities. MongoDB announced several new updates at its conference, including the availability of MongoDB 5.0, a preview for serverless databases in MongoDB Atlas, and updates to Atlas Search, Atlas Data Lake, and Realm. [SDTIMES]

FireFox 90 is here. This update comes with lots of improvements for desktop and Android. This post goes into detail about the desktop and android changelogs. [XDADEVELOPERS]

Windows 11: 9 hidden changes you may have missed. If you've seen all the biggest improvements coming of Windows 11, now's the time to check out those lesser changes. [WINDOWSCENTRAL]

Xbox Game Studios' next acquisition could be an Indian game developer. Xbox Game studios could acquire game developers from countries like India, South America, and Africa in the near future, according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer. In an interview with The Guardian, Phil Spencer commented on the possibility of acquiring a game studio in a country like India by saying “It would actually surprise me if that doesn’t happen.” [DIGITIN]

ActiveCampaign launches $2 million developer fund. The financial help aims to aid developers in growing their business and reaching new audiences with their apps. [BUSINESSOFAPPS]

Netflix could add games to its platform within the next year. Following months of speculation, Netflix has signaled its intent to move into gaming after confirming the hiring of Mike Verdu, a major figure in the gaming industry with high-level experience at the likes of Facebook-owned Oculus, Electronic Arts, Zynga, and Atari. [DIGITALTRENDS]

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