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[SERIES] Did you know? AR & VR are the smallest individual software sectors

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Considered individually, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality remain the smallest software sectors out of the ones we research (the others being mobile, desktop, web, games, backend, industrial IoT, consumer electronics, data science & machine learning). Even when combined, AR and VR (AR/VR) are only marginally bigger than Consumer Electronics, the next smallest sector. Only 0.4% of people are involved solely in AR or VR, the rest are involved with at least one other development area.

46% of AR/VR practitioners are involved with both AR and VR

Of the 9% of people involved with AR or VR almost half (46%) are involved with both AR and VR. This shows that there is a significant overlap in the skills needed to work in these sectors.

There are more people involved solely with VR (31%) than with AR (24%). AR is slightly less mature than VR and there are some technical challenges in AR (occlusion, optics & object registration, for example) which are still being resolved, this also means that there is a smaller market for AR products, as the technology is less established. This results in a slightly higher barrier to entry and subsequently a smaller number of people involved in AR than in VR only.

What are your biggest pain points in getting into AR/VR development? Let us know in the comments.

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Richard Muir

I think that almost all AR & VR practitioners are involved in other development areas is a sure sign of strength for the sector. AR & VR are force multipliers - that is, through integrations with other tech both become more powerful. The industrial IoT sector could be revolutionised by AR, for example. Or imagine using a VR headset to explore multi-dimensional data prior to building an ML model!? Obviously, there's benefits to a tightly focused development community, but the knowledge-sharing that comes from these synergies and integrations will result in some amazing things!