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We have something exciting: have you ever wondered how many developers there are like you around the world? Now you can get an instant answer with our Developer Population calculator!

Our subscriber Sadullah Dogan has released their app Jelly Shift. Space, do give it a try.

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Dev Resources & Articles

LiveCast: Consumer-Centric API Governance. This hour-long webinar will explore standards and design strategies to enable human developer experiences. Held on July 29, the webinar will feature two industry experts, Alianna Inzana, Senior Director of Product Management at SmartBear, and Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist at Postman. [NORDICAPIS]

Get your software right: how to write great frontend tests.What are front-end tests? Why are they important? How do you make the most of them? We'll answer those and more questions in this post. [TESTIM]

Infographic: What did developers do during Covid-19 outbreak?Who worked remotely, who did all the cooking, and who missed travelling? We polled 138 developers from our own community to find out. This light-hearted infographic sums up which lifestyle changes developers had to make. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

Building Serverless GraphQL API in Node with Express and Netlify. At the end of this article you'll be able to deploy your very own API without the headache of managing a server. [CSS-TRICKS]

How to add voice to your PowerShell scripts. Did you know you can call upon the .NET classes library in Windows to enhance your PowerShell experience? One of those ways is to use .NET to teach PowerShell how to speak to you! [ADAMTHEAUTOMATOR]

You will never be a full stack developer. Or, career advice for the working web dev. [SELDO]

Load testing a web application's serverless backend. Many web applications experience high levels of traffic and spiky load patterns. The goal of load testing is to ensure that the architecture and system design works for the amount of traffic expected. It can help developers find bottlenecks and unexpected behaviour before a system is deployed to production. [AWS.AMAZON]

A beginner's guide to robot programming with Python. Robots are already doing so much for us, and they are only going to be doing more in the future. While even basic robotics programming is a tough field of study requiring great patience, it is also a fascinating and immensely rewarding one. [THENEXTWEB]

Android Studio Shortcuts — How to manage the IDE without a mouse. To be more efficient and faster while developing and to stop searching for your mouse to navigate through your code, use shortcuts. [PROANDROIDDEV]

Autogenerate changelogs and manage releases using Conventional Commit. Writing changelogs for a project can be tedious. Usually, this lengthy process would start with your project manager, organizing your tickets in the sprint (depending on how your project is organized), and taking time out of the day to write the changelog itself. This process becomes even more complicated when working on developer-centric projects. [UNICORN-UTTERANCES]

React visual editors in 2020. An overview of top React visual editors and a look at the future of visual editing. [BLOG.BITSRC]

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Our Free Resources

State of the Developer Nation 18th Edition - Q4 2019 - The report focuses on six major themes - each with its own visualisations, showing how the data lends insight into the developer community. [Developer Population Calculator]

( Instantly calculate how many developers share the characteristics you are looking for, anytime in easy to read graphs. Filter results according to the programming language you need: Javascript, Python, Java, C/C++, C#, PHP, Visual Tools, Kotlin, Swift, Go, Ruby, Objective C, Rust, Lua and more.

Infographic: Top programming language communities - Which programming languages the developer nation uses the most? Our data reveal which programming language communities are rising faster than others, which are dropping down the rankings, and which are the new additions to the club!

Industry News

New tech promises faster internet no matter where you live. Four new technologies—low-band 5G, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite Internet, DOCSIS 3.1, and—will soon provide faster speeds than ever before. [HPE]

Docker collaborates with AWS to help developers speed delivery of modern apps to the cloud. "This is a big step toward giving developers the best experience building, sharing, and running cloud-native apps with Docker and Amazon ECS," said Docker Chief Executive Officer Scott Johnston. "This experience allows developers to work locally and take the same experience into a production-scale cloud service with Amazon ECS, reducing the span of knowledge needed and accelerating their time to production." [CONTAINERJOURNAL]

What's new In DevTools (Chrome 85). Updates include style editing for CSS-in-JS frameworks, Lighthouse 6 in the Lighthouse panel, support for new JavaScript features, and more. [DEVELOPERS.GOOGLE.COM]

Microsoft Announces that it will drop official support of PHP on Windows.Dale Hirt, the project manager for PHP inside Microsoft, announced this week on the PHP mailing list that Microsoft is no longer going to offer official support of PHP on Windows starting at v8. [LARAVELNEWS]

Microsoft launches free Linux forensics and rootkit malware detection service. Microsoft has announced a new free-to-use initiative aimed at uncovering forensic evidence of sabotage on Linux systems, including rootkits and intrusive malware that may otherwise go undetected. [HACKERNEWS]

New study finds tech sector job interviews assess anxiety, not software skills.A study from North Carolina State University and Microsoft finds that the technical interviews currently used in hiring for many software engineering positions test whether a job candidate has performance anxiety rather than whether the candidate is competent at coding. The interviews may also be used to exclude groups or favour specific job candidates. [NCSU]

Everything you need to know about OAuth (2.0). How to provide delegated access without putting the end user's data at risk? Check the latest improvements in the OAuth protocol flow. [GRAVITATIONAL]

EU strikes down key US data sharing protocol, citing threat of mass surveillance.The European Union's top court has invalidated a key data-sharing protocol that allows American companies to transfer personal information about EU citizens to the US. The court says the regulation, known as Privacy Shield, is invalid as it does not protect EU citizens from mass surveillance programs operated by American intelligence agencies like the NSA. [THEVERGE]

Vienna Calling. An online meetup for all who work on the web. 29.07.2020, 19:00 (CET) – livestreamed on Twitch. [WEBCLERKS]

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