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Announcements from Microsoft / Apple iOS 15 / skills senior engineers need beyond coding

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Dev Resources & Articles

10 books on computer vision and cryptocurrency you should read. One in four developers are currently learning about computer vision, while 29% are learning about cryptocurrencies. Here are some books to get you up to speed. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding. For varying levels of seniority, from senior, to staff, and beyond. [SKAMILLE]

5 tips to find your way around a legacy codebase. Have you ever struggled to understand a codebase that was bigger than you? [FLUENTCPP]

Places to post your startup. Compiled list of links from "Ask HN: Where can I post my startup to get beta users?" [GITHUB]

Making your life easier with C# scripting. C# Scripting lets you write and execute individual lines of C# code without having to define classes or namespaces. [VISUALSTUDIOMAGAZINE]

Flexbox CSS cheat sheet. A handy cheat sheet to print off and hang on the wall. [REDDIT]

What's new in iOS 15. With iOS 15, you can build apps that connect people in new ways with SharePlay, help them focus on the moment with new notification APIs, and provide new tools for exploring with augmented reality, Safari extensions, and nearby interactions. [DEVELOPER.APPLE]

The plan for React 18. The React team have started work on their next major version, React 18. They've created a Working Group to prepare the community for gradual adoption of new features and have published a React 18 Alpha so that library authors can try it and provide feedback. [REACTJS]

HPE Munch & Learn #6 - Microservices Architecture 101. In this "Microservices 101" Munch & Learn, HPE will introduce you to microservices in a way that will give you a working understanding of the technology: what microservices are and how they enable faster, more agile apps, how they pertain to container and Kubernetes technologies, and more. Jun 30, 2021 05:00 PM in Paris.

API virtualization for robust testing. This article explains the concept of API virtualization and how to include it in your API testing plans. [APIACADEMY]

How do databases compare for serverless functions and containers? Comparing serverless databases: Firestore, DyanmoDB, Cosmos DB, and more. [AWS.PLAINENGLISH]

Forget SQL vs NoSQL. Get the best of both worlds with JSON in PostgreSQL.. [ARCTYPE]

How Netflix uses eBPF flow logs at scale for network insight. Netflix has developed a network observability sidecar called Flow Exporter that uses eBPF tracepoints to capture TCP flows at near real time. At much less than 1% of CPU and memory on the instance, this highly performant sidecar provides flow data at scale for network insight. [NETFLIX]

Chrome introduces the Memory Inspector. The Memory Inspector has landed in Chrome 91. It allows you to inspect your ArrayBuffer, TypedArray, DataView, and Wasm Memory. Find out more. [DEVELOPER.CHROME]

Rust from a JavaScript perspective. A tongue in cheek walk-through. HARVARD]

Flexbox CSS cheat sheet. A handy cheat sheet to print off and hang on the wall. [REDDIT]

Improving contrast in Microsoft Edge DevTools. Microsoft have just finished a bug sprint focused on accessibility issues and here they share how we fixed a problem that has been around for a long time.. [BLOG.WINDOWS]

Random musings on the Android 12 Beta 2. Mark Murphy rummages through the incremental API differences report, the release notes, and even the release blog post, to see if there are things that warrant more attention from developers. [COMMONSWARE]

Easy instrumented tests (UI Tests) for Android in 2021. With the help of unit & instrumented tests running successfully we can be sure that our apps are going to have less or no side effects / bugs. [PROANDROIDDEV]

Apple says you can build apps on an iPad now, but devs say the reality is trickier. Swift Playgrounds 4 is the first iteration of Swift Playgrounds that could function as a standalone developer tool. There are some new features that will make the process of building apps easier. Notably, you can view a live preview of the app you’re building on the side of your screen as you’re working on it, which changes when you change your code. You can run the app full-screen to test it as well. But the biggest news is: not only can you create apps in Swift Playgrounds 4, but when the update is available later this year, you’ll be able to submit them to the App Store directly from within Swift Playgrounds. [THEVERGE]

Flutter vs. Kotlin in 2021: Which is best for cross-platform app development? This article looks at the pros and cons of both frameworks. [DOITSOFTWARE]

Industry News

Microsoft will drop support for Windows 10 by 2025. Microsoft has updated its official documentation to reflect Windows 10’s EOL date. According to the company’s EOL page, Windows 10 Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations will all sunset by October 14, 2025. [EXTREMETECH]

Linux system service bug lets you get root on most modern distros. Exploiting the vulnerability is surprisingly easy as it only takes a few terminal commands using only standard tools such as bash, kill, and dbus-send . [BLEEPINGCOMPUTER]

Google says its artificial intelligence is faster and better than humans at laying out chips for artificial intelligence. Googlers Azalia Mirhoseini and Anna Goldie, and their colleagues, describe a deep reinforcement-learning system that can create floorplans in under six hours whereas it can take human engineers and their automated tools months to come up with an optimal layout. [THEREGISTER]

Largest password data breach in history has been leaked online. With 3.2 billion leaked passwords from multiple databases, this attack has been dubbed RockYou2021. [TECHXPLORE]

Next.js 11 is available. This release includes improved performance, Conformance, a system that provides carefully crafted solutions to support optimal UX, Webpack 5 now enabled by default for all Next.js applications, and more. [NEXT.JS]

Apple enhances privacy with iOS15 release. Apple has expanded its privacy options just in time for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021. The company updated a range of features across its iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8 portfolio.. [BUSINESSOFAPPS]

BrowserStack valued at $4 billion in $200 million BOND-led funding. BrowserStack, a startup that operates a giant software testing platform, said on Wednesday it has raised $200 million in a new financing round that valued the 10-year-old firm at $4 billion. The startup has 15 data centers across the world and a repository of over 2,000 devices. BrowserStack, which began its journey in Mumbai, licenses its service to firms to let them remotely test their apps and websites on its devices, explained Nakul Aggarwal, co-founder and CTO of BrowserStack, in an interview with TechCrunch. [TECHCRUNCH]

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