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30 funny code comments, sweet hoodies and other resources our developers love!

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Our newsletter community is a diverse bunch of devs. We're constantly collecting feedback to make sure that the articles and resources we share are on track, useful and add value to our community. We invite our community to leave feedback on each edition with a three point emoji tracker😍 😐 πŸ˜’. We ask what they'd like to see more of, what we missed and who we should follow in the future. It's a great way to make sure we're including what our community wants.

They are also avid readers! Here's our pick of the most popular articles and resources that our community consumed over the past month:

The devastating price developers pay for working hard. There are several unpleasant downsides that come with exceptional performance and hard work. There's one reward in particular that acts as a de motivator that destroys job satisfaction. [SITEPOINT]

32+ funny code comments that people actually wrote. Nothing serious here. Read this just for fun! [MEDIUM]

What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorbike? Core-js just found out. What will be the fate of an open-source project relied upon by so many? [THEREGISTER]

Top Git GUI tools and extensions for 2020. Simplifying Git with awesome GUI tools and IDEs extensions. [BLOG.BITSRC]

The most exciting promise of .NET 5. Preview 2 is here just a month after the first preview - and it gives a hands-on look at why this will be something every C# developer should pay attention to. [OKTA]

Things I wished more developers knew about databases. Jaana Dogan shares a few insights she specifically finds useful for developers who are not specialized in the domain. [MEDIUM]

Current development trends in software engineering. Every year we conduct two global, independent developer surveys engaging more than 30,000 developers. We track development trends across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, languages etc. The 18th Developer Economics survey ran from November 2019 to February 2020 with more than 17,000 developers and tech-makers participating, allowing us to analyze and understand development trends on major areas. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

Too good to miss: the rise and fall of websites since 1996. A video animation of how the websites you know and cherished ebbed and flowed in popularity over the last quarter of a century. Watch and be amazed. [IPROGRAMMER]

Software Development Life Cycle β€” The Ultimate Guide [2020]. This guide to the SDLC compares the pros and cons of the Agile, Iterative, Waterfall, V, Spiral, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Rad, Prototype, and Big Bang models. [DZONE]

State of the Developer Nation 18th Edition - Q4 2019 - A must-read free report with key insights on six major themes emerging in 2020, showing how the data lends insight into the developer community. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

The complete JSON tutorial. This article hopes to give you a content-know-how to work with JSON. [CODEWALL]

6 things Markdown got wrong. John Gruber's Markdown is almost a perfect content authoring format. Here are 6 things, in Shawn Wang's opinion, it got wrong. [SWYX]

Infographic: Top programming language communities - Which programming languages the developer nation uses the most? Answers from 17,000+ developers reveal which programming language communities are rising faster than others, which are dropping down the rankings, and which are the new additions to the club! [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

This post won't be complete without a bit of humour, here's the most popular piece of humour from the past month:

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