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Stop Memorizing Code

Stop Memorizing Code

Never Memorize what you can look up in Books


If you are trying to memorize code then you are doing it wrong. Instead, you need to focus on learning concepts. Programming is too vast to memorize every function and variable, but you can memorize all the important concepts of Programming.

You don't need to remember all the functions rather you should focus on the concepts i.e how the function works, how to invoke them or how to use them, and how to create your own function.

There is a lot of Documentation Outside From where you can Search Different methods Like MDN, Stack overflow.

Orr, Rather you can google it like Function Which can join two different data types as a "String". and from there you got the function.

Code is Ever Evolving. You only Focus on Constant Learning Rather than learning the Codes that you will forget.

Programming is Something like Learning Math.

Programming is not a Subject like History Where you have to learn Every Event That has Happened. It's a Logical Subject and also all the Things(How the Methods\Functions Works) in the are Fixed. not like History where All the people have their Own Opinion.

Remember your Early days of learning +,-,*,/

1) You do not Practice the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Divison of Every Single Number.

2) You just Understood the core concept of How to add 2 Numbers and Practice it.

3) For Harder Calculation like 45*67 We do not Do this by own rather we use Calculator.

Learn how to read and use any documentation.

`You will learn best by Doing and Implementing it. Do Some Projects and All the main (or most used Functions ) You will remember by doing that.

What Do You Think About this ??
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Julien Dephix

Programming is indeed is a sum of many concepts and you’re going to be a better programmer if you understand them.

Sure, you don’t need to memorise all functions of a given programming language since you’re unlikely to use them all. However, knowing string/array manipulation functions will make you more productive. Just remember function names first and let your IDE give you parameter hints.

I read a quote a while ago and it goes like “we don’t remember data but where to find the data”. That’s too bad, our brain is great, train it!

Same goes for 45*67. You can absolutely do it without a calculator: do 45*70 and substract 45 3 times, all in your head. Not so hard with practice.
Look up Art Benjamin on YouTube, he calls himself a mathemagician, his TED talk is great.

Conclusion: you can remember more than you think. ;)

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Jon Randy • Edited on

I thinking the 'knowing' of such functions comes not through conscious memorizing, but rather from 'muscle memory' due to repeated use. I've never made a deliberate effort to memorise any such information.

joolsmcfly profile image
Julien Dephix

Repetition helps for sure. Combine that with deliberate memorisation (if you are willing to) and you will know a language more quickly. It’s how I like to learn, others will have different ways.

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Wade Zimmerman

Many people try to learn coding like a foreign language, which somewhat works, but to jump from beginner to intermediate, you need to know how data flows through out an application, how to read documentation, and how to debug code.

To jump from intermediate to fluent, you need to have experience in many languages which serve different purposes. Eventually you start to recognize behavioral patterns that are common across languages. So programming becomes more of a problem solving skill than anything else.