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Deveesh Shetty
Deveesh Shetty

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MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 on DEV

What I Built

Everyone wants to save money but some struggle with it. Your current savings is your future income. So what could be better than tracking all your expenditures and earnings using an expense Tracker.

So I created an expense tracker using

  • ReactJs with ViteJs
  • NodeJs
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Tailwind CSS

Category Submission:

Choose Your Own Adventure

App Link:

Not deployed yet but will deploy it soon


Initial Page

Initial Page

Adding new expenses / earning

Adding new expenses / earning

List of all transactions till last one

List of all transactions till last one

Stock Page
Stock Page

Adding New Stocks same goes with updating
Adding New Stocks

Mobile view (iPhone 5/SE)

Mobile view (iPhone 5/SE)


My project is an expense tracker for your expenditures. You can add your earning and expenditure with the source (where it was earned / spent) in the space provided and on updating the current balance will be shown with history of last 3 transactions and the balance at that moment of time. And also on click it shows all the transactions made up to the last transaction in the modal
It uses ReactJs and TailwindCSS for frontend and it is responsive. Also ExpressJs for backend and of course MongoDB Atlas as Database.

P.S. My exams had started in middle on top of that also had some projects, so wasn't able to fully complete it, I had many features in my mind which I will add as I get time.

Future Plans:

  • Add stocks page where user can add all their stock holdings and get total holdings and if possible use stocks API (if I find one) to get real time stock data.

  • Find a way such that the expense will be auto updated whenever there is a message by the bank of debit or credit. Will save users time (Not sure if it is possible in Web)

Link to Source Code:

Permissive License:



I saw many people and also myself struggling to keep track where we spent our money. So keeping a track of it will avoid all these confusions.

How I built it

I used MERN stack to build it and actually, it is my second time (the first time was Traversy Media's tutorial) using MongoDB for an full stack application. And yeah the new thing I learned was backend development and I am loving it. Will do more projects keep participating in Hackathons like this and build my skills 🔥🔥.

Additional Resources/Info

YouTube and - That's where I learned everything without spending a single rupee

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