The #help tag will die if it's not moderated

Si on October 14, 2019

Sometimes, when I have 5 minutes of waiting for something to install/compile/run, I peruse the #help section to see if there's anyone that is askin... [Read Full]
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Maybe we also need a reminder when you're creating a post for certain tags... For example if you try and publish something and you use the "help" tag, a popup asks you to confirm if you're asking for help, or giving it. If you're asking, it keeps the tag. If you're offering help, it removes it.


It's a good idea, I think education/moderation should be tried before adding more steps though πŸ˜„


Hi Si, #beginners & #python mod here. You can actually send an email to yo@dev.to if you want to moderate the #help tag πŸ˜„


Ah I didn't know that, maybe I will 😊


No pressure 😊 We all have our own jobs aside from being a mod at DEV 😊

I've emailed πŸ˜„ - It'd be good to make it a place where people can come and ask for help.

Thanks for the heads up!


Maybe making it more like stackoverflow πŸ™ƒ but thank you that actually help others 😁


The joys of language. Not everyone "gets" the implied difference between "help" (i.e., seeking assistance) and "howto" (i.e., offering assistance – frequently simplified – with a topic).

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