re: 😲🤯The most outstanding new feature in Javascript you need to know about: Optional Chaining VIEW POST

re: Thanks for mentioning this! I don't work with TS that often but I think at some point they will support it :) does TS support babeljs? if yes may...

Neither do I but it's what drives the syntax support in Visual Studio Code :)

So, even when just working with JavaScript, you may still get errors in VSC - even though it will run absolutely fine. It can throw some red herrings for devs who aren't aware why, so just thought I'd mention it.

Not for what I'm talking about, no. Whether TS and Babel can work, when writing TS, is a question for someone that uses TS :)

I'm referring to the VSC built-in JS/TS validator. It can be disabled by updating the settings.json file to include "javascript.validate.enable": false and/or "typescript.validate.enable": false. If they are disabled ESLint can take over and show the appropriate errors.

Ahh okay yeah, that's true!

VSC will show an error if you don't configure it!

I just got used to seeing the error 🤣

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