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Hi Ali,

This is slightly off-topic, so apologies in advance.

You described in your comment above that you USED to create your content on your blog, then cross-post to Medium and Dev.to.

We (CodeTips) are doing something very similar - we're creating the content on codetips.co.uk, and then cross-posting to Dev.

We've currently only cross-posted one article to Medium, mainly because Dev is a better platform for us, but I'm interested why you stopped (assuming you did) cross-posting to Medium? Was it only because you now work for Dev?

Did you reach that many more people cross-posting on Medium as well?

Basically, I'm wondering if it's worth our time to cross-post everything to Medium as well...


I wrote A Month of Flutter and cross-posted to DEV and Medium. I had a fair amount of pageviews and engagement on DEV but much less so on Medium. That combined with all the extra work tweaking Medium posts make it so I wouldn't post to Medium anymore. Medium makes it so you can only set canonical_url if you import via a URL, the imported content always required updating tags, descriptions, code formatting or something else.

That's exactly the experience I had with the one post I cross-posted to medium and Dev.

I think I got something like 5 views on Medium and well over 300 on Dev. I did no extra promotion on one over the other either.

I've also managed to get 127 followers on dev in a week. It took me over a year to get 70 on medium.

Dev are clearly doing something right, I just wasnt sure if it was worth crossing to Medium for SEO benefits.

By the sounds of it, you dont think so?

I didn't look into SEO benefits. I wouldn't expect that Medium SEO rating to transfer through a canonical_link reference though.

Ah ok fair enough! Thanks.

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