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VS Code Extension CDN Ninja

Dedar Alam
・1 min read

This is the first VS Code Extension I have developed
It can be used to create Starter Templates of 4 CSS frameworks.

CDN Ninja

Starter Template Commands

Command ** Help Text **
!bst Bootstrap Starter Template
!tst Tailwind CSS Starter Template
!mst Materialize CSS Starte Template
!bust Bulma Starter Template

CSS Framework CDN

Command ** Help Text **
!bcdn Boostrap CDN
!mcdn Materialize CSS CDN
!tcdn Tailwind CSS CDN
!bucdn Bulma CDN

Icon CDN

Command ** Help Text **
!ficdn Frontawesome Icon CDN
!micdn Material Icon CDN
!fricdn Friconix Icon CDN

Others CDN

Command ** Help Text **
!jcdn Jquery CDN
!scdn SMTP CDN


  • Starter Template 🚀
  • CSS CDN ✅
  • Icon CDN ✅
  • Others CDN ✅

If anyone gets an issue or if anyone has any suggestions, let me know what CDN can be added

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