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I worked for a local newspaper for a few months. My first hint should have been when they refused to negotiate about my salary, at all, and what they offered was about 20% lower than the average salary for a JS dev at the time.

When I actually started, I was unable to do any work. Literally, nothing. I came in, got some tasks assigned in the sprint, tried working on them, couldn't because nobody was able to tell me anything about the systems, their prerequisites, where the data was located,... so I put them on blocked and they were passed on to someone else the next sprint.

I repeatedly asked for any sort of on- boarding, for some one- on- one dev time or mentor-ship. Yes of course, they said, but we're super busy right now. I tried learning the stuff myself. Got told off because it taught me "the wrong way" of doing things.

Somewhere around 2.5 months in, I tried escalating it to the bosses. They pretended to listen but nothing changed. 2 months later I was fired for "not fitting in".

I learned afterwards from many different ex- employees that the company is notorious for throwing new hires in with a sort of "sink or swim" mentality. I think that is a horrible way to deal with new hires. It wastes countless hours, frustrates people to no end, and has this sort of "self starter" expectation that is, IMO, toxic.

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