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Weekly Journal :: Retro Style

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Like many of you, I have read my fair share of productivity and time management books. I repeatedly see many of them suggesting one habit - writing a daily journal. As soon I finish reading a book (well… sometimes even halfway through the book), I get pumped up and start writing a journal with a brand new notebook. First few days it will be rosy, then it will become like a chore and I will give up due to below reasons:

  • Nothing different happens between two consecutive days
  • My journal becomes boring as I end up writing similar types of things day-in and day-out.

But this time, I have decided to try something different - weekly Journal that too in a retrospective style.

My journal would focus on three key areas:
  • Professional (what I achieved at work)
  • Career Growth (what new skill I learnt / learning)
  • Personal (relations, exercise, healthy eating etc…)
Journal would answer below questions:
  • What worked well during the week?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What I am going to try differently the following week?

Also, I am going to pick a day / time of the week I will most likely be free to write a journal and stick with it. Of course, with a brand new notebook 😄


  • With these journal entries, I am hoping to write a more meaningful performance review at the end of the year as I have a record of what I have been doing on a weekly basis at the professional level.
  • After a few weeks of writing, I could see a pattern and catch myself in areas I am not making much progress.

Final Thoughts:

I am hoping I will stick with the habit this time as writing journal once per week is not too time consuming plus I am sure there will be something different to write about every week.

Thanks for reading!

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