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Do you have any advice on how to deal with the endless stream of recruiters that send me invitations and ask for my CV? Should I connect with them? Should I ignore them? I usually send to most of them a short response that I'm not looking for a full time position but consider contracts. From most I never hear anything back. Some offer to connect. I connected with a few and now I have all these connections that I find meaningless and I get lots of updates on people's careers, people that I've never heard of and honestly don't care about. What would be your suggestion? Thanks.


The more I filled out my profile and now that people understand my background as a CTO I get fewer recruiters because there are less CTO jobs out there for them to try and sell me on.

I don't know if there is a correct answer. For me, I leverage recruiters to grow my network but that's because I am looking to influence instead of finding a job.

I think it might be possible to unfollow their content but be connected but I have never thought of trying this.

I don't think it matters how you treat most recruiters, they'll just keep persisting no matter what.

I would just leave their invitations pending. The day you feel you might want to leverage them go ahead and add them but honestly, it's not hard to get recruiters attention if you pay for LinkedIn Premium.

I can tell you what I get spammed the most for is outsourcing web-dev, dev-ops shops from eastern europe (poland, ukrakine, russia) and india.

I am very wary of adding people from India if I don't know where the connection is coming from because the spam starts to snowball. If I think they came through a DEV.to article I add them otherwise I'll outright it ingore and dismiss the connection.


Thanks for your reply. I actually sent you an invitation on LI, since you said let's connect. Even though I'm originally from Russia (I live in Germany now), I didn't mean to offer you any web-dev or dev-ops services =)

Hey Dmitry,

I saw your connection and did not consider your intention to spam as your profile history did not indicate as such as well you did write your reason for connecting.

These web-dev dev ops spammers are really easy to spot because they have so much content geared towards their service and that great effort into grooming their profile. Since your photo is not a representation of yourself this was the quick indicator to me you are not spam.

The reason I have yet to accept your connection is that I enter every connection into a spreadsheet for later engagement where I then send out personal messages to everyone. So it's just a matter of time when I find the time to do so.

No worries =) And just so it's clear, I'm not connecting with the intention of getting feedback on my profile. I know it's beyond bad. I've been neglecting it for way too long. I never treated LI as a valuable social network or a job market. Reading your post, though, made rethink that. I'm now trying to decide if putting any effort into making my profile better is worth it.

Principle Engineer + Scala + AWS and a recognized company such as Nokia. This explains the recruiter spam. You're a big ticket.

Scala and AWS alone are so in-demand you can neglect LinkedIn and get jobs without résumés just by proving your knowledge through demonstration and even conversation.

I was quite adverse to LinkedIn as I really hate social media but I went all in.

The way I see it is developers are being commoditized which will drive down larger salaries and so you'll have to keep jumping to new technologies and so I wanted to stop having to hop to feel secure in case I had to go back to the market and that's why I pivoted to education.

Though with your skill set you're going to stay in demand for another decade so you have the luxury of not-participating in the social platform.

I know a guy here in Toronto that retired at 30 because he was a high paid Scala developer getting paid $300K / per year. I think he now spends his time building and perfecting his own mini putt golf course in his backyard.

I see. I had no idea the AWS keyword in my description would be bringing so much spam/traffic to my profile. Unfortunately, there are no such salaries in Berlin, where I live at the moment.

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