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re: I'm going to be lurking on this thread like I do on /r/mechanicalheadpens, but I'm really looking to see if someone helps me justify a Das Keyboard...

I love Das Keyboard. I went though a couple generations, models and layouts and I'm on DK 4 Pro. I really like the keys and the volume dial. It's not backlit though, which makes it difficult to type passwords or press single shortcuts in the dark (normal typing is not a problem). I tried a Mac layout and found it lacking the insert key and some other layout weirdnesses. I ended up sticking with Win layout since I sometimes work with Windows and Linux VM on my mac. Win layout is more versatile, I have no problem using it on a Mac as well. One thing I hate about DK is their fat stiff cable. I'm thinking or modding it myself and replacing with some thin and soft cable.


My Das will be here Sunday :) As a hunt-and-peck typer, I need that backlit, so I opted to get the 5Q. It's on sale right now for $199 and can integrate with IFTTT to do ALL THE THINGS

As a hunt and peck typist you should have gotten the one with the blank keys. I had one for a while. Makes you stop looking at the keyboard, since it's useless. Difficult to type in weird things like passwords, though.


Enjoy your new keyboard. It's difficult to use any cheap keyboard after that ;)

I don't think I'm ready to be thrown into that fire yet :P

Still have bad memories of these things

SpeedSkin keyboard cover

Though I use 1Password, so as long as I know where that shortcut is, passwords wouldn't be an issue.

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