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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Desmond Chin • Edited

To be fair, it depends.

Vue is a progressive framework, and for me that is their best advantage. Got an old project you wish you can quickly revamp? Use Vue. Literally plug & play. There's no need for setting up bunch of webpack and configurations like React.

React is considered to be an ecosystem for me. You are either fully invested, or you should not use it.

If I am building Enterprise applications and more towards MVC-based web applications, I'll use Vue. It is cleaner, neater, and more elegant. If I feel like being fancy and want to have a wider community based plugins or kits, I would go for React. JSX is great, and I am glad Vue adopted it.

I think Vue and React will not replace each other. They are each their own. Learn both, and know when is good for either one of them. Remember back then, the best thing JS had was jQuery. Be grateful!

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Ghaleb Author

That seems like a fair comment. I was actually anticipating the "it depends" answer. The case you give with the "wider community-based plugins" seems convincing, but so far seems the only convincing case to pick React over Vue for a given project.

And don't get me wrong, I am grateful. I definitely plan to learn both. The main point of my second question was to assess which deserves bigger attention for a better long-term strategy, that's all :)

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Desmond Chin • Edited

Understood your concerns. I find it hard to decide for a project all the time. But, to see it in long term, I would personally choose Vue over React.

Technology changes fast. Being progressive, it is easy to revamp or scale your application part by parts using Vue.

If I am to have a project that focus on being nice, fancy, and hippie, while knowing it will be totally obsolete and needs a total rewrite regardless in 2-3 years, I would go for React.

Some sort like a sprinter vs marathon. This is not to say React is fast, thus being the sprinter, but React has a mature community and a deep ecosystem. It will be a very impactful framework, but hard to bend it once it's planted in place.

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