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Chris Bertrand on March 19, 2019

It's the end of a presentation and those famous words are spoken once again, having heard this numerous times, very often the speaker/you are met w... [Read Full]
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This is some very useful, solid advice @designpuddle 🙌🏻 Thanks for sharing.

During my last presentation ( a technical one showing people how to use App Center tests for their mobile apps) I asked a couple of simple questions throughout the presentation, like:

  • Do you recognize this scenario?
  • Do you guys use this tool as well?
  • Have you heard of ....

I wanted to gain more interaction and integrated those, but now I see why there were so many questions afterwards. It was realy gratifying to get discussions at the end. The questions asked certainly helped gain that "safe zone" feeling.

Thanks and take care!


Thanks for the comment, Edwin, glad you found it useful. It's strange occasionally we do things without fully understanding what impact we had when doing it. Hopefully, this get's us thinking about that aspect of our actions.


True. It's how wars get started, and how love happens.
Time to get conscious.
Thanks for adding your bits and bytes into that journey 😅


Thanks for breaking this down. Sometimes I feel like I'm not connecting with some people at the audience during my coding workshops.

Also since the time is limited, I feel like I'm not welcoming questions enough, for the sake of moving with the material fast.

I'll definitely include a short ice breaker in my next one.


Awesome, glad the article was of use. Let me know how the ice breaker goes down!

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