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Crypto meets Voxels

I had the opportunity to work on some blockchain studies within the coffee shop. While taking on the studies and talking to some fellow developers within the space, I was able to come across the world of Cryptovoxels. A metaverse that is truly phenomenal is only the small words to be stated for it's bigger than I thought. Hearing the term metaverse used quite frequent these days sparked interest so I wanted to learn more. Who would've known just like that a metaverse would be traveled by Orion!?

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world and metaverse which is powered by Ethereum. The players buy land and build many things such as art galleries and stores where you can buy digital and physical goods. Events are thrown within the world using built in tools such as text and chat. I had a chance to review the mighty world and there is so much to see. Created my avatar as well as made created a space using build tools, I can truly see much potential in the metaverse.

Outside the build tools that are simple to understand while building, I was able to visit some amazing parcels. Yes, parcels is the terminology that is used of the land which users purchase. The parcels are sold on in which runs a pretty penny like other metaverses such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. I like how they implement the voxel art which can be created using MagicaVoxel to expand many artist dreams. If you are one who wants to explore the world of Cryptovoxels I highly recommend you do.

More info in future post.

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