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Building a CRM Web App With Python

What motivated me build this web app is my desire to be able to have a personal form app built with my own desired questions and database structure.

It took me a while to finally put this few lines of code together, but i am glad i did.

This CRM Web App, is built with python programming, streamlit and Deta Base an open source data base structure that allows you store your data in a JSON Format.

Importing Necessary Libraries For Our App

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
from deta import Deta
import json
import base64
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Our Form Codes

st.header("Pink Data Hub CRM")

pink_data = st.sidebar.selectbox("choose:",("Chose","Database", "Database Connection"))

deta = Deta(st.secrets["deta_key"])

db = deta.Base("CRM-Records")

if pink_data == "Database":
          with st.form("Submit", clear_on_submit=True):
               id_name = st.text_input("Company's ID")
               name = st.text_input("Company's Name")
               phone = st.text_input("Company's Phone Number")
               email = st.text_input("Company's Email Address")
               location = st.text_input("Company's Location")
               submitted = st.form_submit_button("Submit")
               if submitted:
                     db.put({"company_id":id_name, "company_name":name, "email_address":email, "location":location})


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To View Your Collected Data

if pink_data ==  'Database Connection':
    db_content = db.fetch().items

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To retrieve your stored database in DETA BASE here are links to do so


Here is the repo to this project

You can deploy your app to Streamlit Cloud

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