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Benefits of Business Intelligence for retail stores – InetSoft

Business Intelligence (BI) is a very important strategy to understand and map out the best sales strategies of a business. According to InetSoft, retail stores are one of the segments that have used BI with great competence.

According to the BI software developer, Business Intelligence is used to better understand what happens within each store and is essential to improve business performance, including reducing losses. Below, we list the main benefits of Business Intelligence for retail stores:

Analysis of purchase data in stores

Relying on the analysis of purchase data in a retail store is essential. Only in this way is it possible to identify which products have the highest output, see the performance of each store in isolation, not running the risk of crossing the data and analyzing the store in the wrong way, which helps to give more security in decisions.

Purchase decisions anchored in data

In the past, buying decisions were not anchored by the amount of data that BI now offers. The decision was made based on the feeling of the person in charge, which is not assertive. Furthermore, with a Business Intelligence tool, it is possible to predict when certain products are running out, and restock in advance.

Accurate inventory management

With a BI tool, inventory management becomes increasingly assertive and productive. After all, with it, it is possible to discover what customers are looking for and understand when there is the greatest demand of these products. Furthermore, with the efficient management of your inventory, the chances of running out of stock will go down even further. This is due to the efficient management that the BI tool offers, predicting product shortages and avoiding excess purchases.

Management of suppliers

With BI, you can identify the best suppliers based on their delivery history. This way, it is possible to see which suppliers are not late and which have the best products for delivery, for example.

To learn more or get expert help implementing BI in your retail store business, get in touch with InetSoft today.

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