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re: This is off-topic to the original thread, but how do you like Basecamp overall?

I like it! It's easy to keep everything in one place. We've gotten into a good organizational flow now - the first few months was a little bumpy - but we've been using it for about two years. We're totally remote, and Basecamp has been a game changer from our prior mix of Trello/Google/Flowdock/prayer.

Basecamp's support ranks up there pretty high for me, too.

There are some things I think Notion does a better job of, but overall, Basecamp is much better for company/business organization.

Thanks for the reply! Having good support (which oftentimes means having a tight product improvement loop) is such a great sign.

I've been a big fan of Notion for things like Team Knowledge Repos and keeping meeting notes, but there are definitely some pain points.

For collaborating on a document, I still haven't seen anything that comes close to Google Docs.

Appreciate the insight about Basecamp!

One of the things I do really love about Basecamp is the Google Drive integration - you can keep links to any Google Drive item in the corresponding project. It's been a gamechanger for project organization.

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