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re: Nice! I just used Lorem Picsum for a quick mess around pen I did but I like the idea of using Unsplash API for learning, going to have to give it a...

Unsplash's is basically the same, looks like, I just really wanted beachy photos!

Came up with an idea with co-workers the other day to build a custom lorem picsum similar to but featuring someone else. Maybe someday I'll find the time!


My only issue with Picsum is that it pulls the same image in each place I am using it. I was hoping it would display a random one each time :(

fillmurray is great, never seen it before, makes me want to do the same! I think my favorite part of the site though is that they use the Crazy Nic Cage pic for the favicon!

Co-creator of here! 👋

You can actually have the image change by appending a cache-busting query string to the end:

<img src="" />

Here is a demonstration!

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