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I used to totally just wear sweatpants - I had two pairs of sweatpants and I'd alternate them, with whatever random t-shirt I have. When it wasn't sweatpants, it was workout leggings which I still wear super super often.

Recently I found a nice pair of pants from Uniqlo that feel comfier than sweatpants but actually look nice - so if I get a bug up my butt and want to run out for coffee, I can just go. No time wasted in changing or angsting over "should I go out in my pajamas?" Hah. Now I have two of those, and two pairs of shorts from the same material. (Might I note that all of these have ~ * ~ POCKETS ~ * ~!!!!)

I wear slightly nicer shirts now - I bought a few merino wool shirts and holy comfort and temperature regulating, Batman!

(Oh yeah: and slippers)
image of work from home outfit taken in mirror - button down shirt, floral pants, simple t-shirt, and striped slippers


tbh this is what I was imagining when I came into this thread


the sweatpants, or the successful end to the years-long sweatpants search? hah


Ooh do you know the name of the Uniqlo pants? That sounds wonderful


I sure do and I'm here with a handy link as well!

There are different prints on different listings, and they also have a jogger style. I have a pair of the joggers but don't like them nearly as much as the straight, wide-leg openings.

These are the shorts:

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