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Joe Rogan (and his podcast) very directly resulted in one of my best friends getting death threats for months, so I recoil every time I see him on any suggested list. Here's what I've been listening to:

  • Tights and Fights, aka the perfect wrestling podcast. I love wrestling and they are so, so funny.
  • To Live and Die in LA - a true crime podcast about a girl who goes missing, no surprise. It's a deep dive into this one crime, and the twists just keep coming.

That is unfortunate and I hope none of them materialized. I wouldn't rule Joe's podcast out completely though. Some of his guests are really engaging and informative when they get to his long form casual platform, and you get a full picture of them that you can't get through the normal mediums.


Thanks but honestly if I'm interested in any of his guests I'll find a way to get information that doesn't reward his toxicity with my clicks or listens.


Oh, sorry to hear about that. I hope your friend is OK.

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