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Discussion on: 10 Great Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume and Learn to Program

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Derick Hess • Edited

It change every few months but has 4 growbeds, and a few strawberry towers. The fish tank has 60ish large tilapia, and total water volume of the system is 800 gallons.

The monitoring system, monitors the solar power, when it switches to AC back up, updates a graph dissolved oxygen, pH, water temp, outside temp, and greenhouse temp.

Once a day it also automatically tops off the sump take with any needed fresh water using a water level sensor and a solenoid valve.

the pi hosts a web server with grafana to display the data

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You should write a post about it. I can't be then only one that likes reading this kind of stuff. 😃

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SeattleDataGuy Author

Thats really cool! and quite practical. Like the other person said. Maybe you should write about it!