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Discussion on: do you use linux, windows or macOs on your PC?

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Derick Hess • Edited

My main desktop is Windows mostly for gaming. Though I do use WSL and have an ubuntu virtual machine for development. I have a macbook pro with Mojave on it I use fro around the house, travel and some development.

In my home electronics lab the machine on my bench is ubuntu 18.04. I use ubuntu on raspberi pi and beaglebobe black projects.

At work: main machine is a 2019 macbook pro I develop on. Most of the machines that my work code run on are windows so I also have a windows test machine, but the code also runs on mac and linux.

I have a centos virtual machine on my laptop just for testing purposes but that is rarely used.

Once you get used to switching between Operating systems is easy. really unless I'm gaming I prefer linux or MacOS. For ubuntu just spin up a vm and play around. Break it a bunch and learn. You will get the hang of it and eventually it will become just as easy to use as window for you.

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Farid Aditya Author

thank you Derick Hess
really inspired me, at my place of work I use windows. but on my laptop I am currently trying to use linux