Discussion on: Advice for Developers in the Early Stage of their Career

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  • Break things often: Just from personal experience this is where I believe I've learned things faster and more deeper; also painful experiences are easier to remember (non-forgettable).

  • Kill the ego: Ask any question you desire so you can learn regardless of backlash or worrying of what others may think of you. Also if you always come off as a "white belt" people usually are more open in sharing their knowledge versus if you come off as a "🥋" people usually are more hesitant to share their knowledge for whatever reason: competition, fears of being wrong themselves, judgement, etc.

  • Be wrong: I think it's good to debate your opinions, technical arguments, theories and assertions. Being wrong is a good thing, it means you've learned something in the process; don't be afraid to be wrong. Welcome it gladly.

  • leadership: Career wise this is "usually" unescapable. Most advancements "usually" are accompanied with some sort of management/leadership role. Leadership in my opinion is probably the hardest skill to acquire and develop; wayyyy harder than programming. I personally research military leadership, I believe they've created systematic approaches towards developing traits of good leaders.