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Tips on building a community around your startup or product?

I think to build a community you need a motive, it could be getting people to get access and test some next gen tech or a solution to one of their problems which they want to be solved. Other elements (writing pointwise like a school student):

  1. A platform which focuses on the target audience you want. Example, instead of linkedin, you might want to create a community on behance (less sure if it allows) if you are doing something related to design.
  2. Be a part of other communities which have your target audience and ask for help there.
  3. Keeping things less spammy and more exclusive works a lot, but it depends on your need.
  4. You can reward people to participate in your community (kind of on the lines of giving goodies to use your product, sometimes I don't prefer it morally, but at some places it fits in perfectly)
  5. From my experience, community always needs someone who drives it (just like religion may be), members will engage if you give them something to do.

We're building a product for developer communities (, a first of it's kind ecosystem which is centered on developer centric activities (discord is great, so is slack and all the amazing community & event platforms, but they are not focused on developers...).

DEV's a great community to be in!

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