Discussion on: How to start a comic blog like xkcd

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Dennis Martinez

To be honest, the choice of platform you use for this at an early stage doesn't matter. People will visit your site for your content.

Unless you really want to spend time creating a custom website and know what you're getting into time-wise, I'd recommend using an off-the-shelf blogging platform to get started.

WordPress is a safe choice, as it's easier to get help if you get stuck. Also there are online tutorials or plugins that you can use for just about any of your needs. And the platform is easy enough to hack on (or find someone who can) if you need to add new functionality in the future.

If you are comfortable self-hosting WordPress, you can go that route. If you're not, you can use wordpress.com/ or another WordPress hosting company.

Don't get caught up in deciding a platform. Set something up and focus on your content.

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aleBiagini Author

Thanks!! That's the road I'm gonna follow