re: I'm concerned with the move that FreeCodeCamp just pulled by leaving Medium VIEW POST


Be warned: if you try to become a FreeCodeCamp author, you're required in Q4 of their application to give them the right post and edit the content of any article previously submitted to their Medium publication. It's unclear whether you'd be gaining enough access to delete your prior content or revoke permission in the future. The only 'option' for this question is 'yes.'

FreeCodeCamp's application to publish on their Medium clone includes this doozy of a required question, which can only be answered with a 'yes': 'Do we have your permission to edit and publish your posts - both any old ones published in the freeCodeCamp Medium publication and any new ones you submit to freeCodeCamp News going forward?'

In the meantime, to ensure no confusion over implicit permission to copy content, I've removed my publications individually from their Medium publication, which is still accessible directly through Medium (medium.com/free-code-camp). I've also sent Quincy a DM about this and will report back if he responds.

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