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I don’t think any certifications hold weight with employers unless a specific certification is an expectation of the job, which I think tends to be established, paid programs in things like systems and network admin. I think Free Code Camp is great and things like it can go on your LinkedIn or may have a place on your resume, but the real value is what you learn and the ability to say to yourself and to others that you made a commitment and carried it through. If it’s there on paper, that’s one thing. But if you can tell a story about the experience and what it’s meant to you, that will make the difference.


Right. The paper is a paper. It's those skills you take away. Still I'm proud of my papers, as a bench mark of my progress.


I was once told Paper makes paper and certifications are the best way for advancement. Both statements have held true in my personal experience.

I do agree that some hold more weight than others. CompTIA = nope. AWS/GCP/MS = yes please.

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