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Discussion on: Confession of an average developer

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Denis Veleaev

That's a strong article. Thanks a lot for that, Maxim. I feel the same inner battlefield. Would be very glad to hear more about your way of finding a job abroad. Your experience can be very helpful for people (and for me in particular).

Thanks again for the article!

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Maxim Chechenev Author

Hi Denis, thanks!
Yeah, I think it could be an interesting topic to write a post about. Just curious - is it something specific that you are interested about finding a job abroad?

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Denis Veleaev • Edited

Big thanks for the interest! Looking forward to seeing the article!

I'm also a natively Russian speaker Frontend Developer from a small poor non-EU country with a lot of "average" companies. By "average" I mean that they're actually good, but... you know... the opportunities here are incomparable with, let's say, Netherlands.

So, basically, I'm interested in everything :) Because I do relate to your experience.

  • All these "average" companies have similar expectations from the candidate, which are not that high (deep understanding of the fundamentals + hands-on experience with your tech stack + agile practices + leadership and communication). What's the difference between these expectations and the expectations in a top-level company (I don't mean just Google-like companies)?
  • What helped you to stand out among a lot of local professionals? I assume you had to be much better than them because they had to help you with visa and relocation. You're also not a native English speaker and probably don't know Dutch.
  • By the way, the fact that you don't know Dutch was a problem for you or for your employer?
  • How many years of experience is enough to try to find a job abroad?
  • What type of visa do you need to work abroad and what are the limitations?
  • How did your company help you with relocation?
  • What was the process of looking for a job abroad? What tools did you use? How much time did it take? If it's not a secret, how many failed attempts did you made?
  • If you're willing to share it... Where do you feel more secure? I mean... In your homeland, you're probably a much more desirable candidate than in top-level companies abroad.
  • How much time did you prepare for the interview and how? How did the interview process look like?
  • Is it easier to get into a big company or in a small startup?
  • What difficulties did you met during the relocation process and after?
  • Are the relocated employees treated in the same way as the local ones?
  • Everything else that you think is important to know

Thanks a lot, Maxim, that you're willing to share this information. It would be incredibly useful, and, I hope, will help me and others to bust the mental myths about relocation and thinking big.

If you're willing to talk more about it, please DM me @DenisVeleaev

Thanks again!