How to become a DevOp?

Deni Toshevski on June 24, 2019

Hi guys,
I was thinking of becoming a DevOp.
What resources would you recommend?(courses, training, tutorials).
Is it hard to learn, how much time did you need to learn it?
Feel like I have a million questions, any help will be really appreciated.

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One does not simply become a DevOps. I know tje marketing, job posts, and recruiters all throw around the term like it is the best thing since AI/ML to get 'top hot talent'. :puke:

'DevOps' is shift in business process and culture, a destruction of silo'd value streams, evolution in the application of agile business practices; coupled with the automation of repeated work.

To become a 'DevOps Engineer' one must be the following(1):

  • Understand Business motivators
  • The impact of technology in business
  • Have 'people skills', speak to groups, get buy in from decision makers.
  • Must be able to bring groups to together. Especially groups that have opposite motivations.
  • Understand SDLC as it applies to business values
  • Be familiar with automation tools (CT/CI/CD/CR) / system administration

Again, DevOps as a movement is more focused on business process change started by IT; not adding yet another team to an organization.

As @matthias pointed out; SRE is an implementation of DevOps practices. Excellent add Mattias.

(1) my opinion.


While strictly not the DevOps role, Site Reliability Engineering role is quite similar and there are some extensive descriptions available e.g. by Google:

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