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Congrats Helen! Your story of seeing dad bring home that giant PC and being enthralled about the new limitless capabilities sounds a lot like my own life! I played with computers as a child but also never found my way into coding back then. Then, when Android came about, I found myself immersed in a new world and played about learning to code.
By then I was in college and not even thinking this could be a career choice. Sadly my hobby added as life moved on. Over the past few years a friend of mine, then another, then another, went through coding boot camps. It was time for me to quit my job and start over. Scarry as it is, I am so proud to be in a boot camp right now, even if I never make as much money as I did before I know I will be doing something I have a passion for and that alone will be worth this life change!
Best of luck to you out there!


Thank you! It’s always good to hear about similar experiences! Good luck with your bootcamp 😁

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