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Discussion on: How to Build a Skeleton Layout in React

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Great article! One tip tho - ditch the loading boolean state. There is more than loading/done states. Best approach is to have idle/loading/success/error states. More management is required but, it saves users from waiting despite API call has failed.

This article by Kent is great explanation why:

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Xavier Brinon

ahah, I was about to post this, well played.

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James Baxter

I wish people would stop quoting Kent C Dodds.

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Iris Diakoumi

Why is that?

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Kyle Luke Author

Great tip, I will look into this article! Thanks a ton!!!

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Actually, his (Kent's) initial structure is not that bad, in his specific case all he needed to do is a) clear position on error or b) move error check higher that position check, i.e. ensuring error's priority