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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Jeremy Jacob Anderson • Edited

Mazen, I agree with both you and Mukul on this point. RoR was an inspiration to Mr. Otwell, and to everyone building stuff for the web at that time. But Taylor is the ultimate LaraDaddy. It is worth noting that .NET MVC was probably an influence too. Spring and Spring Boot are probably the best things to ever happen in the Java world.

(I'm going to tell you a secret; I always call it LARRYVILLE in my head, just for fun. I have a scaffolding set up for Laravel by that name and I can't unhear it. Long Live Larryville!)

I think calling MVC an architecture is a bit of a mental trap, I consider it a design pattern. It's actually two different design patterns with a single name. What we call MVC now isn't really what the original pattern was meant to be, and that's okay. MVC for the web is super cool because it does provide some sort of global relatability, that's a really strong point. However, the application design doesn't inform the infrastructure and operation of the thing. MVC plus Infrastructure, Scaling, Distribution, Availability, Replication and Sharding strategies, CI/CD, Development Process, QA, Logging and Monitoring...maybe that makes a basic architecture, but MVC is a small piece of that, to me.

Good thread.

Symfony is great, Laravel is great, we should choose based on our needs and constraints for the given case.