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Help me on my first typescript project.

Having used Javascript for quite a while now, I recently decided to start a new journey with typescript. I want to be able to write better javascript programs that are self-documented, predictable, and secure

I thought to myself that the best way would be to get my hands dirty with typescript code. Much as I go through tutorials and videos that teach typescript, I need to have a hands-on taste of typed javascript in the real world.

Why am I telling you all this?

I'm looking for some friends who are experienced with typescript, to help review my code and collaborate on my first typescript project. The project is a tiny npm package that I just started working on.

I haven't written a README yet. But the package is a simple javascript database for prototyping database operations from within javascript.

I bootstrapped the project using a typescript template from tsdx. TSDX is a CLI tool for creating awesome typescript packages easily. Check it out here

The motivation

I chose this projects because I love working with databases in general. But often times I need to protoype some database ops without installing and configuring real database services. In such scenarios, all I need is some way to mock database actions quickly without leaving my code.

The objective of this simple package is to provide a solution to the above stated problem by: Providing simple database from within javascript.

The goal of the project

*To help me learn more real world uses of the typescript language.

*To enable me gain confidence in using typescript as the default language for my next Javascript projects.

*To confidently share my insights and knowledge about using typescript

This project is not specifically about me, or my interests. I welcome anyone who's interested in learning typescript. I think learning together within a community will be of vital importance.

Why am I posting here?

Dev community has the most friendly developers from all sorts of backgrounds. People on this platform promote collaboration and are always willing to provide honest feedback.

If you're interested in helping out in any way, comment with your github username. I will add you as a contributor to the repository.

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