How I Emacs And So Can You: Packages

Ben Lovy on March 08, 2019

In the first post we looked at some basic usage and navigation, and set up use-package so we can easily add community packages to our Emacs install... [Read Full]
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Great article! This helps a lot.

One thing though...
Apparently you need to add ":ensure t" to make use-package install the library.
As in:
(use-package counsel
:ensure t


Good catch! You're absolutely correct. I omitted it here because folks that followed through the first post too have added the line (setq use-package-always-ensure t) to init.el, which sets :ensure t by default on every declaration - I prefer that behavior to setting it one at a time.

In retrospect, it probably should have just been one big post.


Oops. I missed that line. Sorry. Thanks again.


Hey Ben! I've just found this!!! I'm seriuosly considering making my own version


This is really cool, I had no idea! Thanks for the link, there goes my afternoon.


(provide 'init-ivy) at the end of the ivy example code?

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