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re: Oh Ben, oh why oh why oh why ;) Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework David Wickes ・ Jul 26 '18 ・ 4 m...

Haha, right, right, don't say the "F" word around David :)

Good point - "framework" is likely not the correct word to apply to this solution. It sits around where React sits, but for a canvas - view layer only, but handles the view entirely.

It's a bit of both, though - I call it when I implement these traits (interfaces) for my types, but then it takes over and manages the entry point - it has some setup code that runs before everything else, and then manages the whole lifecycle of the running application, calling my code when needed to re-render. That's what makes it feel like a framework to me. I refactored away my own app's entry point, and now this separate apparatus handles those details.

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