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re: Rust, lmao. It's disappearing under golang xD

No! Say it ain't so!

No, though, really - why do you say that? I'm not sure I agree with that perception. Rust appears to be growing, and I think it's still got a few years of development before hitting its stride.

Golang is establishing itself (or already established) as the cloud systems language. Which is great. Rust encompasses far more domains, though.


For me the biggest red flag is that performance-critical projects such as Traefik, CockroachDB and dgraph are in golang.
I understand how things where memory safety is important for security but performance isn't so crucial, such as Docker and k8 use go, but not those former ones.

I guess I really want it to win in that niche, while it's making the biggest progress in system utilities and embedded.
Who knows, maybe frontend web will save it :D

Don't throw in all in one bucket. For sure you can write CockroachDB in Go, but you can't write memcached in Go, because for this task GC would be noticable. You can write a lot in Go, but there are still performance critical tasks which need to be done in non GC languages, like caches, kernels etc

Unless we are talking about non-stop GC, like in Ponylang


It ain't so. But I do have this fear.
Maybe async/await in core will get more people on board.

I have the fear too, but not because of Golang. I don't believe the two languages are direct competitors - there's room in the market for both.

Oh, also new editions of C++ are stealing good stuff.
How dare they? They have a bad module ecosystem and should be ashamed of themselves!

Well, C++ is a fact of life - it may as well soak up every last drop of usability it can

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