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Discussion on: Colo Migration Write-up

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Andrew DeChristopher Author

P99 is actually run out of this very same rack. I could definitely put a guide together if you'd like. What aspects of everything would you like covered?

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Patrick O'Dacre


Well, for a while now I thought it would be cool to host my own test projects myself, rather than use DigitalOcean. I don't even know what I need to know to get started. I'm not even sure what questions I should be asking.

So the following would be helpful.

1) An understanding of the big picture

  • minimum cost for hardware?
  • do I need a special account with an ISP?
  • security concerns?

2) An overview of good resources. I wouldn't expect you to rewrite info that is widely available elsewhere.

3) What end result should I be shooting for to get familiar with the basics? For example -- at the end of this guide, you'll have something setup at home, hosting your own projects that anyone in the world can visit. You'll know how to keep things reasonably secure, etc.

After going through this initial work, I would hope to be more familiar with the subject, and I'll have better questions and ideas for more advanced setups.

I hope that answers the question and isn't too vague?