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how many of you are automated bots

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When I first got on here it was very interactive. I would get a lot of real responses. Average was 10+ comments a post easy.

Now I get likes and unicorns on post that are strictly meant for commenting on, but no comments. Which leads me to believe these are bot likes.

I’m curious if any of you have noticed this.

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I could probably be confused for a bot with how often I just lurk on most social media haha. I have 4-5 drafts for posts saved but don't feel ready to post any of them, and I'm pretty fresh into dev stuff, so I don't have a ton of experience to draw from to add to discussions.

I do have personal experience with not being a bot, so I can contribute to this one!


I would highly encourage you to post them now and update them as you get feed back. I wrote a post kind of talking about the fears of releasing work or ideas. This platform is perfect for this!


Thanks! I think this was the little push I needed to actually get the post cleaned up and post it :)

Just make sure you do not use "clean up" mode to avoid publishing them. It's ok to have your post be messy and update them over time. You have to remember that what you think is a mess and un-useful is gold to others. I've learned that over time, post that I thought were just rants, turned out to get the most love.

I totally, definitely, have not been doing that at all for the last few weeks lol ;)
Just published the one I felt best about! Now I can really say I'm not a bot!


Oh hello there, fellow human.
I am definitely not an electronic artificial intelligence like your mind have just concocted.
You might have some conditional thoughts about it, but rest assured, that I am like you, a fellow human also, that does human things.

found 38 vulnerabilities (7 low, 21 moderate, 10 high)
Error: Humanity not found. (line 33: ReferenceError())

Shutting down...


ha ha I love this. Made me literally laugh out loud (llol, feel free to use).


I think a lot of times it can come down to complete chance if your article gets noticed. Some articles are going to be dynamite no matter what, but I've noticed weekend posts get inconsistent traffic. I was told Monday morning at either 0900 or 1200 EST is the best time to publish content because you have people either just getting to work and browsing the web to warm themselves back into the office environment or surfing on their lunch break.


Oh i'm sure it is. Just like with instagram. I'm ok with not getting my post noticed. This wasn't to come off like i'm complaining about not getting comment/views... hopefully it didn't look that way. It was an observation that I'm seriously curious about. I find it fascinating because it just shows how the net is like a life of it's own. I'd love to see some stats on how many bots have entire conversations with each other... lol.


When I was running a nonprofit association's website, about 40% of our traffic was not human. It was kind of depressing sometimes realizing how much time people were putting into creating original content for crawlers to rebrand or routinely having worthless log files because of the amount of dumb things bots would do until I started banning them. Yes Bing bot, I am looking at you!

ya, I realized most of my traffic to was bots too. :/


I am afraid if there will be captcha for buttons.πŸ˜…
People like me, who struggle with showing their opinion in comments show their love by like and unicorn button. I don't what is wrong with it. More numbers on buttons show lots of users are afraid to comment.


No need for captcha, and I totally respect the not wanting to comment. It's more of the fact that if I post something that really only make sense to comment, and I get zero comments but a bunch of likes on a post that holds no value other than what the comments could bring, then it just feels automated to me.


The rumors are true.

We have slowly been replaced by robots one by one.


It’s estimated that Instagram had around 95 million bot accounts.


Often I like discussion posts when I think the topic is funny or interesting, but I don't have anything meaningful to say on that topic and therefore I don't comment.


This is great feed back. Both you and Meru mentioned liking them but not wanting to give feed back. Thank you for the insight.


Click on all the Robots u see above



I've noticed a lot more obviously commercial engagement. Like links to paid courses.


I tend to add hearts instead of commenting, I guess that makes me a πŸ€–


I'm quickly finding out the people can still like a post that give no value without comments, just for the fact that it exist. This was a helpful quest.


I feel this, some days I'm pretty sure I just auto pilot my way through the day.


Human here, but haven't posted anything so hard to comment otherwise.
I've certainly been making comments as I read through things, and usually font just like and not comment, but that does happen.


Ok, great and thank you. It helps to know that some people just prefer to only like.


wish I could give you an "best comment" award... I love those movies.

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