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Make your own TCP time server: An interactive tutorial!

faraazahmad profile image Syed Faraaz Ahmad ・1 min read

You can find this tutorial on debugg.me here (HINTS included!)

Write a TCP time server!

Your server should listen to TCP connections on the port provided by the first argument to your program. For each connection you must write the current date & 24 hour time in the format:

"YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm"

followed by a newline character. Month, day, hour and minute must be zero-filled to 2 integers. For example:

"2013-07-06 17:42"

After sending the string, close the connection.

Once the tests pass, you can submit your repo as a solution and get code reviews on your performance. Good luck!


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Hey, I've submitted a solution, but I'm not receiving any feedback.
Does the tests passed?


Hey Daniel! thanks for taking the time to try out the problem. You'll need to fork the problem repo, it has failing tests that will pass once you write the code in time-server.js. Then you gotta upload the submit the address of the fork.

I'm sorry the page wasn't clear enough. How do you think I can improve it?


Hey, I've forked repo and added time-server.js. I assumed that test will be run automatically in github actions but unfortunately it did not.
So, I have to run it manually?

I think that it is worth mentioning that user have to fork repo :)