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Discussion on: Get your C# WebAPI controller to keep processing a request after returning 200 OK

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Dean Ashton Author

That's the purpose of this... to get a response back immediately to the caller of the controller with a 200 OK response. At that point the request is done. The API still keeps processing the code though, so it's great for things that don't return a result to the caller, such as outputting data to a file on the network, or processing large database tasks where the database holds the result.

For example, we have used it at work where the request happens as part of a pipeline of requests. The pipeline times out if any of the requests takes too long, and we needed to kick off a request that was very long running - it generates data in a database and runs for many hours. We didn't need to wait for the request to be finished though, because none of the other requests in the pipeline need it's output. So we kick off the request, get 200 OK response back to the caller, and then keep processing the rest of the request pipeline. The API still processes the request though, generating the data in the database.