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Free website screenshot service

Hi everyone! I made a free service that screenshots websites for you and it's Open Source! The images are cached for 1 minute and it's only the first load that takes some time to process. It's fast and instant after the initial load (haven't seen better alternatives out there).

Here's the link to repository:
Link to service:

Since it's Open Source feel free to open PR's. There are some hacktoberfest labeled issues.

Use cases

  • You could use this as a preview image for your website in og:image or twitter:image meta tags (tutorial here)
  • Grab a screenshot of a bug in production, send the link instead of an image
  • Always have up to date screenshots in your portfolio

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Discussion (4)

fajarsiddiq profile image
Fajar Siddiq

Awesome work here Deam! love it

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Deam Author

Thank you πŸ™Œ

negue profile image

Oh thats nice!

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Jijin P πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ¦„

Wow!! Awesome work dude πŸ”₯