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I agree, but working on legacy jQuery projects isn't really a transferrable skill. You'll be left in the dust if you spend too much time at a company hacking their legacy codebase. At some point you'll probably leave that company and have to invest a ton of time into catching up with the rest of the industry. Unless of course you're happy getting comfy at a big company with steaming pile of jQuery and coffee script.


I agree mostly, but do disagree a bit. The actual experience of jQuery may not be as transferrable, although learning solid JS principles, learning how to work on a team, how to take part in a code review and a lot of other skills are very transferrable. Additionally, if you are part of the work of upgrading the codebase, those skills I believe are very in demand: How to understand what another programmer wrote, how to refactor it meaningfully and efficiently, etc.


You'd be surprised at how many places outside of silicon valley/major tech hub cities are still heavily dependent on using classic templating (jsp/jsf style coding), asp.net razor templating, jquery based ui's etc. For example, tons of bootcamps focus on things like ruby on rails, react, vue, etc...however in many many places outside America, the number of companies you find using those sorts of tools drastically goes down. Not saying I like the situation...as i'm an avid fan of React and node, however saying "you'll be left in the dust" feels a tad hyperbolic.

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