How to make portfolio website?

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Hey guys, i am back-end developer. Know less about CSS and design. How do you guys make a portfolio website? is it using wordpress, or make a blog app from scratch, or using some other tool? and how do you guys make that online i mean the domain and the server. what the best options? i need some suggestion for easy maintain website so just focus on the content. Thanks guys


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I craft everything from scratch (My Portfolio Website) by using krugurt.js (my in-house proprietary MVP framework) and Yogurt CSS (used to my in-house dev tool, already release to the public).



Start with Hugo. Think will be easier. Domain purchase wherever you want. When Hugo build developed locally look like you would like your website to be push to GitHub and deploy with Netlify. Just a short description to success.


thanks dude, thank you kindly


You can use a static site generator for creating a personal blog. You can go with Jekyll, it provides free static site generation and you can host it using Github pages. You can even set up custom domain names for free. I am currently building my personal portfolio website from scratch and plan to host it using Github pages. As for my blog, I plan to migrate it from Dev to my own static blog site created using Jekyll.
Hope this helps.


hey thanks for the suggestion. github pages is sure good, yeah i think that is possible to try, thanks dude


I keep 3 sites (two static and one using wordpress). My main, canonical website uses vuepress and that's where I have my resume, list of public projects, etc. The wordpress site is the main place where I blog (averaging 1.5 posts per week at the moment). The third site is a static site that I coded by hand and it aggregates the blog, dev.to, etc and displays the content from everything. That third site is how I scratch the "I want to write it from scratch itch" without risking just not having a functional website. I pay nothing per month for the two static sites and I average ~$0.15/mo (using an f1-micro instance on Google cloud) for the wordpress blog.

I would suggest buying a domain name (if you don't already own one) and using it with whatever you do. You really don't want to hang your hat on something like [username].blogspot.com or [username].githubpages.com and then realize that you need to move to a different platform. Github Pages, Render, keybase, etc all let you use your own domain name for free and if you need to move your website elsewhere, you don't need to throw away your web identity.

Whatever you do, start small and use something with as little friction as possible. (You don't need it to be a drupal site because drupal is your day job, or something.)


thanks joe, you give me some new resources for making the website. thank you kindly.